I’ve decided to relive a bit of my past, through the help of WinAPE Amstrad CPC emulator
and inevitably, I’ve stuck to my previous love: 8-bit era music.

So, I did what was the next logical step:
Begun recording some of my favorite music from it.

But that wasn’t enough… I wanted to share!
And even that wasn’t enough: It should had video too!
So I looked around to check what others have shared online
and when I found something that was incomplete, low quality or just not there,
I have gone and recorded it myself from scratch!

Have a taste:


So, here we are, a brand new YouTube playlist of videos I’ve captured is a reality: Playlist
And if you want more, go there and vote for next capture: Poll

The only thing I ask from you, is this:
If you like this kind of music, enjoy it to the fullest as much as you can!

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By Saxtus