What is this PGP Public key? PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, an excellent, public domain, software tool for ensuring privacy and security on the Internet (plus more). With PGP and my public key, you can encrypt any message (or file) and send it to me. Only I can decrypt your message because only I know the corresponding private key (aka “secret key”) for doing this decryption. The encryption cannot be broken by anybody else. This is the principle of what is known as public key cryptography (PKC). PGP does many more things, in addition to PKC. The PGP website has lots of very well written tutorials on cryptography, and security. You can also download the PGP tool from this site.


There is a Linux version of PGP (GPG) available from In general, GPG comes with all standard Linux distributions. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox and a webmail service such as Gmail™, Yahoo™ and others, Mailvelope will make your life easier. For Android, try MailDroid with it’s Crypto plugin. iOS users, try PGP Everywhere. If you’re using MS Windows, get GPG4WIN. Mozilla Thunderbird & SeaMonkey users also need to grab EnigMail for interfacing with GPG4WIN.

The traditional Enigmail Add-on will not be available for Thunderbird 78. As a replacement, Thunderbird 78 will include built-in support for OpenPGP. The Thunderbird team needs more time to finalize this work. In version 78.0 it’s still an experimental feature and disabled by default. The stable release of OpenPGP functionality is planned for Thunderbird version 78.2.

My public key

You can download my public key from here or here. Below you can see my key’s details. Contact me directly if you want to check its validity to be sure.

  • ID: 51D68EE3
  • Type: DSA/3072 bits
  • Fingerprint: EF1F 0337 B899 08E5 7AA7 8238 476B 3C7F 51D6 8EE3
  • Created: 30-Dec-2012
  • Expires: 31-Dec-2020